The female anatomy is quite complicated such that many women are not familiar with it. Many women experience menstrual periods, but they are unaware of the facts behind it. Although the menses are associated with childbearing abilities, some people may fail to notice their pregnancy within the first months if they have an irregular cycle. However, our bodies are set up in such a way that, we are aware of anything new happening to us and that includes conception. The body will often convey information through some symptoms when women get pregnant. However, some pregnancy symptoms are similar to those of pre-menstrual syndromes like breast tenderness and abdominal cramps. Therefore, a woman has to pay attention to her body to know that she is pregnant. Here are some symptoms that are common during the early days.

Early signs of pregnancy

Sore breasts

This is a symptom that is also experienced when a woman is about to get her monthly periods. However, the difference can be felt when a woman is pregnant. When a woman becomes pregnant, some hormones are secreted, and they make the breasts unusually sensitive. The breasts will also feel fuller and heavier than usual.


Most women experience nausea during their pregnancy, and it is often one of the early signs of pregnancy. However, nausea will not be experienced from the first day of pregnancy. The hormones can be blamed for this, and they are released from the time of conception. Nausea will often last until the end of the second trimester. Very few women will experience this on their last trimester, but it is nothing unusual.


Morning sickness and the feeling of consistent tiredness is an early sign of pregnancy. Some women will experience it till the last day of their pregnancy. The reason as to why most women experience this is because of the inconsistent levels of progesterone being produced. That is what makes women feel tired all the time and mostly in the early days of pregnancy.

Food aversions

Some people might think that women exaggerate when they say they are experiencing food aversions in the early days of their pregnancy. Foods like garlic, seafood, and porridge may be irritants, and they may heighten the nauseating feeling. On the other hand, the cravings are also real. Women may feel the urge to eat certain foods, and that is so common. Surprisingly, some women end up cravings that they hated before their pregnancy.